SLNA Meeting Minutes 2/17/05


The meeting was called to order at 7:03.  Officers in attendance were Carol Gibbs, Nancy Maclaine, Roberta Leahy, Don Ewalt, and Kevin Lewis.  Est. # SLNA residents present: 21.


Ÿ         Keep Austin Beautiful: Committee Chair Chad Hymel is the whip that organizes SLNA’s quarterly street cleanups going as we promised. Next one is on “Clean Sweep Across Austin” day, April 9th --- City-wide cleanups and after-party:  Need suggestions of street(s) to clean.


Ÿ         South Central Coalition & Austin Neighborhoods Council Delegate, Kevin Lewis:


Ÿ          City Council elections are coming up on May 7th.. Places 1, 3, and 4 are open (Daryl Slusher, Jackie Goodman, Betty Dunkerley).  Check our website for more info.


Ÿ         The Commercial Design Standards task force is having an open house Feb. 21 at 6:00pm in Council chambers.  They are looking for neighborhood support for the proposed design standards that are being developed, and which will come to Council in March. Details available on the City’s website,


Ÿ         Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge’s north “fly-over” extension has several prospective designs. One is to be incorporated into the plans for the private development of the vacant tract at the NE corner of Lamar & Cesar Chavez.  That development could have significant impact on our vehicular travels to North Lamar.


Ÿ         Land planner Karl Kehde spoke to ANC in January, and his book Smarter Land Use is available for loan from Carol. He advocates neighborhoods initiating long-range land use planning rather than the defensive mode of fighting individual site plans.


Ÿ         2004 Treasurer’s report by Bill Stoughton: At the end of 2003 we had $3000. In the bank, with 84 members. At the end of 2004 we had $3600 in the bank with 77 members. Revenues are from membership dues, and advertisements in the newsletter.  Expenses are mainly for printing the newsletter which runs about $1000/yr. New Treasurer Don Ewalt will look into possible ways to make more than checking-account interest on our money.


Ÿ         SLNA Volunteer projects:


Ÿ         Jennifer Marine announced final plans for the Tsunami Relief Bake Sale: Saturday March 12th at the Lamar Plaza Shopping Center from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (near Thundercloud Subs and the new Alamo Drafthouse).  If you wish to participate call 447-0415, or email


Ÿ         Ann Lacker reports that SLNA will help build a Habitat for Humanity house on  May 7th.  Interested individuals must register online at or call 472-8788 for next orientation meeting date. Questions?  Email Ann at:


Guest Speakers:


Ÿ         Town Lake Trail Foundation “Adopt-A-Garden” -- Griffin Davis and Dan Garrison --  In 2003, there was no money in the budget for the City of Austin to maintain or repair the Town Lake Hike & Bike Trail.  TLTF have raised over $100,000 in 2 years and are in the process of setting up an endowment fund for the trail’s long-term maintenance.  They want to get every abandoned garden spot along the trail adopted by groups, families, businesses, neighborhoods (25 have been adopted so far).  For more info, go to .


Ÿ         Austin Police Dept District Representative Robert Barboza spoke about “Operation Restore Hope” which is APD’s effort to clean up the Southridge/Southport/Southway four-plexes (across from the convenience store). APD is coordinating with the Health Dept., Mexican Consulate, Tenants’ Council, Code Inspectors, Solid Waste Services, culminating in a June 4th Cleanup Day when the residents will be asked to help clean up the grounds.

Ÿ         A planned APD substation in one unit of the Bainbridge Villas has been put on hold.

Ÿ         For loose or barking dogs call 311, or 911, or 972-6060 and ask for animal control.

Ÿ         Report any and every crime – 311 if after-the-fact, but 911 if disturbance is ongoing.


Ÿ         Austin Community College Trustee Dr. Lillian Davis  reported that the South Austin Campus (at Manchaca and Stassney, the former Albertsons) is slated to open by August 2006.  Hoping to attract high school students from Crockett as well as area residents.


Other News:


Ÿ         The Walgreens project is plugging along.  They closed on the sale of the land, and the subdivision and roadwork site plans have been filed.  Trailers are being moved out.


Ÿ         SLNA officers met with developer Richard Coons last month to hear his ideas for developing the remainder of the trailer park.  He would like to have LR-MU, but City Staff is pushing for LO-MU.  He has just completed the “Kinney Lofts” condos on Kinney Rd.. Initial drawings are available on


Ÿ         The SLNA website will be changing to another server, hopefully with no problems.


Ÿ         The South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse is opening March 4th.  Free tickets were distributed to meeting attendees.


Ÿ         Our host, Unity Church of Austin is staying in the ‘hood, although Reverends Bill and Nancy Worth are moving to Georgia.


Meeting adjourned 9:02pm.