Minutes of SLNA Meeting June 20, 2002 by Carol Gibbs (carol.gibbs@unisys.com)


Bryan King called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

·         Carol Gibbs explained the Newsletter Distribution routine, and requested more volunteers to step up.   Since its entire production is volunteer donated, it has been a last-minute distribution effort.  Volunteers were asked to go ahead and plan for the weekend prior to each meeting as the distribution time, and Carol will contact distributors when the Newsletters are actually ready for pick-up.  By the end of the meeting, we had all but 3 of the 26 Routes covered.  Please contact Carol (442-8060 or carol.gibbs@unisys.com) if you can help in August.

·         Oak Wilt Demo on May 18 had a dozen attendees.  Kathryn Stern has the equipment which any SLNA can borrow.  You only need to pay for the cost of the “ALAMO” treatment.  Bob Thompson has some treatment left over that he will sell for half of his cost.

·         Bill Stoughton found a supplier of inexpensive yard signs, so we now need several strategically located residences to offer their front lawns to advertise the bi-monthly meetings for the week prior to each.  Contact Bryan King if you are interested.

·         July 4th Neighborhood Party will be held at the south end of Southland, beginning at 6pm.  Neighbors are asked to bring a covered dish to share. There will be a grill for BBQ’n.  Arrangements are being discussed to possibly get a Metro bus/Dillo to shuttle us to the Town Lake Fireworks for a minimal per capita fee.  Watch the SLNA Home Page for updates.


·         BUSINESS


·         SLNA Bylaws:  Voted on Two Proposed Changes.

1.        Subsection 3 -- Membership Dues $10 per year.  Residents can request a Hardship (waive dues) by contacting the Executive Committee.   Motion by Marci Roberts, Second by Michel & Katie Greenberg, Passed unanimously.

2.        Change meetings to six times a year


·         Yard Cars Ordinance – vote on Revision #8, as Council will hear it on July 11th.

·         Copy of the Ordinance available at [link from SLNA Main Page?].  Much discussion about its Pro’s and Con’s of the Ordinance and its many revisions to date. 

·         Current Membership voted 9 to 4 in favor of the Ordinance as it reads in Revision #8, meaning SLNA will go on record with the City as joining 69+ other Neighborhood Assn’s whose residences will be affected by the Ordinance.  Enforcement will rest with the APD District 7 Representative.


·         Doug Ballew, Austin-Travis County Health & Human Services, presented Austin’s Bike & Pedestrian & Child Passenger Safety program.

·         Reviewed statistics of injuries & fatalities city-wide and in South Austin.

·         78704 is 3rd in Child Pedestrian & Bicycle Injuries in Austin, after 78702 & 78745.  Males comprise the majority of both the victims and the drivers.

·         Most accidents occur mid-block rather than at designated crosswalks, and most are during the hours of 3-7 pm when kids are out of school and commuter traffic is heavy. Also at higher risk are residential areas immediately adjoining major arteries

·         Offered several accident avoidance tactics:

·         Continue using extra caution in neighborhoods just beyond the marked school zones. 

·         Kids use a Buddy System when walking/cycling to/from school. 

·         Cross at crosswalks, not mid-block.

·         Parents do “trial walks” with their kids’ to plan the safest routes to/from school.

·         Bicyclists under age 10 should ride on sidewalks, not in streets.

·         Sidewalk cycling IS allowed for all ages, contrary to beliefs. 

·         Bicyclists under age 18 must wear a helmet.

·         Presentations available to PTAs, schools, clubs, etc

·         Program Contacts:               Austin Child Safety Program:  499-7273 (974-7273?); 

Austin-Travis County: 972-5477


·         ACC President, Dr. Richard Fonte presented an overview of the recently acquired property for the new ACC South campus:  $2 million for the former Albertson’s property at Stassney & Manchaca.  Requested our support for the possibly 5-7 cent tax increase request that may come from the ACC Board next year.


·         Rick Colbrunn, City of Austin Public Works Project Manager for the South First Street Reconstruction Project.

·         Explained the 5 Phases of the project, to begin this Monday and continue till November 2003.

·         Phase 1 (5-6 months) = Utilities.

·         Phase 2 = Street Reconstruction from Barton Springs to Annie (one lane traffic each direction)

·         Phase 3 = Street Reconstruction from Annie to Oltorf (one lane traffic each direction)

·         Phase 4 = Oltorf / S. 1st intersection (working on weekends only) – entire intersection will be concrete.

·         Phase 5 = Street Reconstruction from Oltorf to Ben White (one lane traffic each direction)

·         New “Moratorium” rule:  Utilities (SBC, SU Gas, etc) cannot make any street cuts for 7 years after the reconstruction of a city street.  Thus the reason for the utility work being done at the beginning of this project. 

·         Planners intend to recommend re-routing of traffic to South Congress, but S. Lamar, S. 5th, etc. will also be impacted.  They are prepared to modify traffic signals to accommodate changes in traffic flow.

·         City Bus routes are expected to continue on S. 1st as normal, but they are prepared to reevaluate if bus stops cause significant interruptions for the one-lane traffic in each direction.




·         NEW BUSINESS:


·         Sweets for tonight’s meeting were donated by Russell’s Bakery, soon to open at Bluebonnet & Lamar where Anna’s Toy Depot used to be.


·         Two homeowners from Kinney Court informed the group that due to the safety hazards of their narrow streets, they will be restricted to parking on only one side of their streets, and there is discussion of making the street ONE WAY throughout the subdivision.  There is a Kinney Court Homeowners’ Assn, but they will also participate in the SLNA.


·         Don Williamson, 1606 Lightsey, introduced himself as an AFD Firefighter and Democratic Party PCT Chair for Pct 457.


·         S. Austin Community Gardens is having a Farmer’s Market this Saturday (June 22) from 9am – Noon, at S. 5th & Cumberland.  Music and festivities.  Y’all come.