SLNA Meeting Minutes December 16, 2004

No formal minutes, just a few words from our incoming president:

Approximately 30 folks gathered at Unity Church on December 16 to share
holiday cheer, enjoy refreshments, connect with neighbors new & old, and
singing holiday songs with accompaniment by Florence Castle on the Unity
Church's grand piano. What a treat!! The singing was highlighted by a now
second-annual group performance of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". There
will likely be some entertaining photos posted on the
website soon!

The only "business" at the meeting was a few farewell words from outgoing
president Kevin Lewis, and a commitment by the incoming 2005 officers to
represent SLNA in a fair and balanced manner. The new SLNA officers are:

President Carol Gibbs
Vice-President Nancy Maclaine
Secretary Roberta Leahy
Treasurer Don Ewalt
ANC-SCC Rep Kevin Lewis

Also serving SLNA will be:
Neighborhood Cleanup Committee Chair Chad Hymel
Webmaster Bill Stoughton
Newsletter Editor Beth Troell (watch for Beth's first SLNA newsletter in
February 2005, and an appeal for articles/suggestions in January).

Here's hoping everyone has survived the first part of the holiday season,
and wishing you all a safe and happy New Year!

Carol Gibbs