South Lamar Neighborhood Association

December 20, 2001 Meeting Minutes



1.      Bryan King, President, called the meeting to order and began by thanking various SLNA officers and members for the work they had done this past year.  In January SLNA will celebrate its first full year as an officially recognized neighborhood association. 


2.      Membership dues are now being accepted for 2002.  $10 dollars for regular membership and $20 for the Big Bubba/Bubbette members.


3.      Our next meeting will take place the third Thursday in February.  Bryan has asked Jay Culver of the Parks and Recreation Department to share information with SLNA on oak wilt in our neighborhood.


4.      After announcing an oversight in calling the elections for the upcoming year’s SLNA officers, Bryan announced that we would have that election tonight.  The bylaws state that new officers should be voted on in October for the coming year. The nominating committee instead met November 17th at Patricia Fiske’s home to propose new officers for 2002. Attending were Patricia Fiske, Hilary Dyer, Bobby Hubertus and Bill Stoughton. The following slate was proposed to the membership at the December meeting:


President - Bryan King

Vice President - Marci Roberts

Secretary - Hilary Dyer

Treasurer - Bobby Hubertus

SCC Representative - Kevin Lewis


Kathleen Shaw made a motion to accept these candidates and Patricia Fiske seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.


5.      Following the election of officers, a question was raised about what constituted a quorum of the membership.  Referring to the bylaws which counts as a quorum 10% of paid members (we have approximately 33 paid members currently) a quorum was present to vote.


6.      Bryan called for a motion to adjourn the business portion of the meeting so that we could begin the Holiday Potluck.  Kathleen Shaw made the motion and Marci Roberts seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.