South Lamar Neighborhood Association

January 25, 2001 Meeting


Old Business

1.Kinney & Lamar Public Storage Project
2.Collection of Membership Dues
3.Election of Officers
4.Vote on By-laws

New Business

6.Crime Statistics
7.Park Initiative
8.Kinney Courts Retention Ponds

1. Public Storage Project at Kinney and Lamar

The architect, Murry Lake, and the owners, Joe Simomons, Marty Sheldon, and Larry Guy, attended the meeting. Murry reviewed the site plan with us.  During the discussion with Murry, Joe, Marty, and Larry, this information was shared:

The maximum height for the building will be 40-50 feet depending on design needs and will contain four stories.  Ideally (with variance) there will be a gated parking lot for 22-23 vehicles next to the building and another 25 feet of buffer space between the parking lot and Lynn's property.  If variance isn't granted 60 space parking will be required, and they will probably build a two- or three-story parking garage. Most similar requests for reduction of one-half to one-third of spaces has typically been approved.
Industry standards show that the type of storage they plan to build will average traffic in the amount of 12 trips each day indicating a
very low traffic impact on Kinney.  They will keep the storage open only between 7 a.m and 9 p.m. since they are targeting downtown businesses seeking to store archives, etc. in cheaper space than downtown rates allow.  They are looking at exteriors that are textured (possibly stucco) with cutouts or other architectural features that reduce the look of a big box. They will not use metal exterior.  Lighting will be low light pollution type fixtures and be shielded to reduce glare to surrounding properties.  Structure will be fenced and gated for security purposes. Codes will not work after hours.  Fencing must be 6 feet, but would consider 8 feet if Lynn would prefer on line between their properties.  8-inch and higher caliber trees will be used; they are trying to save or replant good trees from that lot. Signage will be oriented towards Lamar to be visible to that traffic and not facing neighborhood.  Will consider baffling design to reduce noise pollution from AC units, possibly on the roof or behind a screen.  The number of rental spaces in the building should be approximately 400.

Our biggest concerns continue to be:
--traffic problems (number of cars, dangerous intersection for right turns from cars going north, difficult to make left hand turn going south)
--height of building

Camille also mentioned that she was concerned about possible graffiti and vandalism. The developers assured us they intend to be responsible owners and would address these issues should they occur. They restated the high-security measures that will be in place that should reduce the occurrence of such problems.

Once again, the intersection problems were brought up and the developers again pointed out that issue is outside their control. This is something that we will have to take to the City if we feel changes need to be made.

Bryan again emphasized staying away from the metal shoebox look in the design. Larry assured us he was not inclined to go that way anyway. Joe noted that the Public Storage on 5th Street (north side) or the Sure Guard building on Bee Caves at Hwy. 71 were similar to what they had in mind.

The variance request will go before the City on February 12, 2001 most likely.

Marci and others of the SLNA, thanked these gentlemen for taking time out to meet with us. They will draft a letter to us regarding some of their intentions (to be sent to Bryan) although the contents will be somewhat vague since they do not know what the design will look like until they learn if they will get the variance they seek. Basically, they will build what is allowed under the existing code, with the exception of the parking lot. The design of the parking lot will depend on the outcome of the request.

2.Kathleen collected dues from the members present who wanted to participate in voting, but who had not yet paid.

3.Election of Officers

A slate of officers was proposed to the membership. This includes:

President - Bryan King

Vice President - Marci Roberts

Secretary - Kate Moss

Treasurer - Kathleen Shaw

Delegate to South Austin Coalition - Carol Gibbs

The membership voted to elect the slate of proposed officers for a one-year term.


Marci Roberts made a motion that we adopt the by-laws as revised to reflect the officers as President and Vice-President. Celeste seconded the motion and the motion was passed unanimously.


Suzanne and Mitch Bell are getting the website up and running. It will be the South Lamar Neighborhood Association and the email list will be revised to also use that name. WE ARE OFFICIAL.

6.Crime Statistics

Bryan will notify the City of our SLNA officers and boundaries so that we can begin to collect the crime statistics for our neighborhood.

7.Park Initiative

Bryan is pursuing information on the notion of trying to establish a park within our neighborhood boundaries. He has learned about the Austin Parks Foundation and the Trust for Public Lands. He is also planning to attend a workshop on developing parks that is being offered by the Austin Neighborhood Academy. Celeste is checking to see if the land on Thornton is in the flood plan. That may be of some help to us if we tried to get some of that land for a park.

8.Kinney Courts Retention Pond

Camille talked to the City about the retention ponds and "park" at Kinney Courts. She learned that both the ponds and the park must be maintained by the Kinney Courts Home Owners Association rather than the City. Carol Gibbs had shared with Bryan that the fence surrounding the retention pond is not to code. Others noted that the gates are not locked and are easy access to pets and children. There was agreement that we need to follow-up on these areas to make sure they are maintained in a way that will not damage people or the environment.

Our next meeting will be held February 15th at 7:30 p.m. Possible future speakers were suggested. They included:

Neighborhood Crime Watch police officer
Someone to talk about creating a park
Oscar - share about speed bumps on Del Curto and what it took to get them
Capital Metro representative to talk about sidewalks
Someone to talk about the creek cleanup - possibly someone from the watershed meeting that Camille plans to attend

Please share issues and concerns you would like to see discussed at the next meeting with Bryan or Marci prior to the February meeting. Concerns may also be brought up at the meeting if you don't have time to connect with Bryan and Marci before hand. Corrections to the minutes should be submitted to Kate at the meeting or by email to See you in February!

Minutes submitted by Kate Moss, SLNA Secretary

February 3, 2001