South Lamar Neighborhood Association

Meeting Notes

February 20, 2003


President Kevin Lewis called the meeting to order and everyone introduced themselves. There were approximately 12 people in attendance. Kevin gave the following information:










·        Development News

·        See the SLNA scoops for latest:

o       Diamond-Shamrock (Kinney/Lamar) – building has been leased and new tenants want to put in a used car lot. Currently the lot is zoned SF-3 however so they would need a zoning change. (HD note: Bryan K. has since found out this is zoned CO so no zoning change would be required. The COA site was out of date or erroneous. Bryan is checking on the ROW setback where the new tenants are installing the metal posts.)

o       Russell’s Bakery – Bluebonnet/Lamar – continued ongoing discussion of zoning of rear of property.

o       Morgan/Bannister – auto body shop is planned for this location

o       Sayther Automotive – neighbors have noticed a lot of cars parked in the streets

o       2414 Thornton – developers are trying to get admin approval for this

o       Lamar Storage – survey markers have been seen in the area

o       Del Curto/Bluebonnet – the current rumor is that part of the trailer park has been sold to Walgreens. Another rumor has it that Walgreens has bought the WOHarper lot.



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