South Lamar Neighborhood Association

March 15, 2001 Meeting Notes


Meeting led by Marci Roberts, Vice President, in the absence of Brian King who was out of town. 

Kate Moss, Secretary, took notes of the discussion.



1.      Signs to announce meeting

2.      Schedule for meetings

3.      Membership dues

4.      Neighborhood watch

5.      Kinney/Lamar storage development update

6.      Park update

7.      Easter Egg Hunt

8.      Flowers for Unity

9.      Logo Contest

10.  New business




1.      It was proposed that SLNA purchase 4-5 signs if they can be found for about $10 each to announce the SLNA meetings.  The signs would be posted at various locations around the neighborhood beginning with signs at:

Kinney at Delcrest or Iva

Thornton (maybe near Celeste’s property)

Del Curto (possibly at the condos or at Jennifer’s house)


Clawson and Morgan area


Patricia Fiske made the motion and Marci seconded it.  It carried unanimously.  Brian will be notified to go ahead with the purchase of the signs.


2.      Kate mentioned that a monthly meeting might be too frequent for the amount of business that we need to conduct.  She suggested that perhaps every other month for a regular business meeting with some type of social or community improvement event on the alternate month.  After discussion it was agreed that people on the email list would be asked to think about meeting schedule preferences and ideas to be discussed at the next regular meeting.

3.      Marci mentioned that after our previous meeting there had been some concerns voiced about the cost of membership dues.  She asked how people felt about the cost and those who spoke felt it was not necessarily too high.  However, everyone felt that they would rather see people become involved in the neighborhood association and if the amount of the dues was a problem we should make changes.  Kate suggested that maybe the fees could be paid in installments.  Everyone agreed that the SLNA needed to have some funds to be able to pay for signs, postage, a newsletter, and other association activities.  People with concerns about the dues should share them with Brian or Marci before the next meeting along with ideas for how this issue should be addressed.

4.      Patricia asked about starting a neighborhood watch and what was involved in doing that these days.  No one knew much about how that happens anymore, but it was agreed that this might be information to explore and share at a future meeting.

5.      Marci mentioned that there was no new development in the Kinney/Lamar project after the Council denied them the variance on the parking lot.  Marci mentioned how Camille and Brian had made a presentation that obviously swayed the folks to deny the request.  Brian has proposed that the developers consider reducing the height to three-story.  Watch the email list for updates as they happen.

6.      Brian has done a great deal of work in exploring the possibility of a park for our neighborhood (see email messages).  Kate mentioned that since San Jose Church doesn’t want to have their land used for a new library branch, maybe Unity might be interested.  Then there could be a library with the grounds developed as a park perhaps.  Some felt there was not enough land for a library and park and they were also unsure about the traffic impact if there was a library.

7.      The members discussed the possibility of hosting an Easter Egg hunt at either the condos or at Brian’s house for the SLNA children.  Since Unity is hosting a big hunt on the Saturday (April 14th) before Easter, it was decided that we should support that event insteadPatricia will contact them about lending support and also seeing if we can share information about the SLNA at that event.

8.      Marci mention that we might want to think about getting flowers for Unity as a way of saying thank you for letting us use the building for our meetings. Kate made a motion that we contribute funds from the SLNA to pay for flowers; Marci seconded that motion.  It was carried unanimously.  Patricia will also find out about how we can do that and share with Brian.

9.      Marci mentioned the idea of an SLNA logo contest.  It was suggested that we should brainstorm ideas at a future SLNA Friday happy hour at Maria’s.

10.  New business:

·        Concerns about the auto shop at Clawson and the refrigerator graveyard on Thornton were shared.  What steps could the SLNA take to try to get these cleaned up?  It was agreed that we should consider drafting a letter from the SLNA to someone who might be able to push the owners to “clean up their act.”  Marci will discuss with Brian.

·        Update on the Dairy Queen lot:  it has been sold and will be turned into a car lot.

·        Patricia mentioned that she was still interested in learning about how we might get some more sidewalks built in the neighborhood.  It was suggested that we ask Brian to contact someone who might know how to go about this to speak at a future meeting.

·        There was also some interest in discussing how to get the streets re-striped. 

·        A new member had a concern about the storm drains in the Clawson-Ft. View area that did not seem to properly handle the water.  Carol Gibb shared that there wasn’t a storm drain there and in the past had been told it was impossible to put one in that location.  It was decided to see if someone from the City might be contacted to learn more about that issue for the next meeting.

·        Another member had a question about who to contact regarding a street light in the Lightsey area that needed to be fixed.  Either the bulb was burned out or had been shot out.  It was suggested that there should be a contact number in the blue pages of the city directory.


The next meeting is currently scheduled for April 19th.