South Lamar Neighborhood Association
June 21, 2001 Meeting Notes


Bryan King, President, called the meeting to order.  Since there were so many new neighbors attending, we began by introducing ourselves and telling where we lived.  Following introductions the meeting began with Officer Dustin Lee of APD.

1.       District Representative for APD Southwest area – Officer Dustin Lee

Officer Lee informed us that the District Representative model was started 2 years ago to respond to non-emergency issues in the neighborhood.  Recently property crimes skyrocketed and a Property Crimes Task Force was formed to provided an intensive response these crimes.  Officers on this task force work 8 p.m.-6 a.m. Tues.-Fri.  During the time they were working they made over 200 stops and arrested 23 people in the act of or about to burglarize property.  One of the arrests also resulted in finding 62 balloons of heroin, 15 crack cocaine rocks and a small amount of marijuana in the area of Barton Skyway and Mopac.  Now that this initiative has wrapped up, the District Representatives are back at work on addressing community concerns. 

 Officer Lee shared a bulletin from APD highlighting risks for having your car or property stolen.  He told us that a new non-emergency call system will soon be in effect.  Currently using the Teleserve system non-emergency calls go to 974-5750, but soon callers will dial 311.  He reminded us that if you need an officer to respond, you still should call 911.  He encouraged us to report any property crimes or attempted property crimes, even if nothing was ultimately stolen.  Reporting these attempts will help in providing information so that adequate coverage of police in high crime areas is set up and patterns of burglaries are noted.

 Officer Lee may be reached at 707-8403 and his secretary is at 707-6804.  He will return calls, but it may not be immediately.  You may also email to  You can get information about crime statistics by going to

 Bryan mentioned that he and several other SLNA members attended the Police Commander’s Forum.  He said they had also stated at that meeting that reporting problems even those not resulting in actual loss, helped insure adequate resources to our neighborhood.

Officer Lee reminded us that the most effective prevention technique was to stay alert and pay attention to what is going on around you.  He also reminded us to participate in National Night Out which takes place on August 7, 2001.  Bryan is working to get our SLNA registered for NNO; the deadline to have officers visit events is 7/6/01. 

Officer Lee also reminded us that police will be patrolling on 4th of July and will show no mercy in ticketing people shooting fireworks in the city limits.  This prompted a question about how to report gun shots being fired periodically along Thornton and other areas of SLNA.  Officer Lee advised that we call 911 and provide as much information as possible about what we hear or where we think the shots are coming from if possible.  Although you do not have to visit with an officer investigating your call in if you prefer not to, they can do more if they can talk to you about the problem.  If you choose not to have the officer stop by your home to get information, you can tell them you do not want him to stop by, but please report these problems.

2.        South Austin Culture Club

This group of South Austin NA meets periodically to raise political awareness about issues effecting South Austin.  Several SLNA members attended the most recent event (see messages regarding this event on the email list).  It was held at Green Pastures and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.  This group sponsored the Million Bubba Walk last year and is headed up by Jack Spear.  

3.        MAD6 (South Lamar expansion) Vote

This proposal is part of the CAMPO plan to be implemented by 2025 and proposes to make South Lamar and other south Austin streets into a 6-lane highway from Ben White to the River.  There it will bottleneck because there is no expansion planned through town and in North Austin.  The Council voted to support the plan currently for political reasons, but there is still time to speak out against these plans.  PLEASE write to the CAMPO group to voice your concern.  Bryan will post information on who and where to write on the website and email list. 

4.        The Vintage project

This is a project planned for South Riverside just east of IH-35.  It would have built a high rise property at MF6 that would rise 80 feet.  The Council held it to MF4 as a result of the NA’s efforts allowing only 60 foot structure.  There is another vote on the issues in about 2 weeks.  Check the email list and local papers to stay informed on this project. 

5.        4th of July Party

It was decided that we would have a potluck on the grounds of Unity Church beginning about 5:30 or 6 p.m.  Bryan will bring a grill to allow people to cook hotdogs, burgers, tofu and the like if they choose.  It was suggested that he contact Capital Metro about a shuttle to carry neighbors from Unity to the fireworks at Zilker later that evening.  If you are interested in helping with this event in anyway, please contact Bryan or any of the other SLNA officers.  Everyone is encouraged to stop by for a while even if they don’t want to go to the fireworks display later. 

6.        Signs and flyers

Obviously the new signs worked to let folks know about the meetings.   Most of the people in attendance came as a result of having seen the signs.  Bryan will try to purchase a couple of more signs and add them to other locations such as the split of Bluebonnet off Lamar and the Ft. View area.  Also Hilary Dyer agreed to be Chairperson for getting signs and flyers out for the meetings.  She is recruiting individuals who would be willing to be block captains and help with this effort.  You can contact her or any of the SLNA officers if you would be interested in helping.  THANKS HILARY! 

7.        Park Update

Bryan is continuing to work with Beverly Griffith and Sara Campbell towards getting a park for SLNA.  The primary focus at this time is the 5 acres that are on Thornton.  The property is very expensive currently, but the City is being approached about possible funding.  This generated a question about the site for the new library.  It seems that a site has probably been chosen, but we have not heard where just yet.  Unity Church property is currently not an option. 

8.        Dues and membership

Bryan made a motion as a result of feedback he has heard from SLNA members that a new fee structure should be set up for membership.  You can join at $10 as a member for a year or if you are open to paying $20 you will be considered a Big Bubba or have your fees go for a two-year period.  Anyone wishing to pay more can.  Patricia seconded this motion and it carried unanimously.  We now have a bank account at Austin Telco Credit Union and membership fees have been deposited. 

9.        Development Update

10.     Membership drive

In an effort to get more members, a prize will be offered to the person who brings in the most new memberships by the next SLNA meeting date.  The winner will receive an all-expense-paid dinner for two at Maria’s Taco Express.  Bryan will spring for the drinks. 

11.     Questions and comments

The next SLNA meeting is set for the third Thursday in August (August 16th).

Corrections to meeting notes should be submitted to Kate Moss or Bryan King prior to the next meeting.  You may also contact Bryan with items for the agenda.