The meeting started with a Treasurer report:
We have $516.00 in our bank account.
We spent $84 for yard signs, $45 for flowers for the Unity Church, $16 for flyers for the National Night Out.

Kathleen received 8 new memberships in the mail since the web site has been up.

Hillary Dyer was the notice coordinator for the NNO. Volunteers passed out 400 flyers.

MADD-6 is up for vote by city council on Thursday August 23, 2001 at 6 p.m.

Public hearing on Budget at City Council is on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Our web site is up and "smoking". Our webmaster Bill reported that it has had over 1000 hits. Bill is looking for more content for the history section, and would love to hear from long time residents about the history of the neighborhood. He is working on a report on Paisley's historical house. He is looking for volunteers to help him interview residents about the history. He also has a copy of the original land grant to Isaac Decker from the Mexican government that he plans to put up on the web site.

Bryan passed around the Howell plan that was approved for the Del Curto property. 

Construction on the property on Ravey Street is on hold. It is now up for sale.

Bryan has not heard anything new on the storage facility on Kinney. They will still need 61 parking spaces.

Bryan thanked Jennifer Marine for organizing the yard clean up for Sandy Montrose. 

Bryan asked for volunteers for a sidewalk committee and a park committee. Several people volunteered. Bryan talked about the need for a neighborhood plan. He said that neighborhoods with plans tend to get more funding from the city. We are not sure of the process at this point. The city government is more likely to put in sidewalks when they don't have to acquire right-of-way. The biggest issue is money. More discussion and planning is needed. Volunteers for this committee are needed as well.

Trailer park is under contract with Trammel Crow. They still have to work out details of Maria's lease. Upper end housing, similar to what is being built on South Congress, is planned for the property.

Next we had a presentation by Gail McGlammery of the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District (BSEACD). She presented a slide show about the aquifer and recharge zone and handed out some informational packets. Their web site is:

Jack Goodman is our representative at BSEACD.

Finally, we all introduced ourselves.

Next meeting is the third Thursday in October.


Submitted by Marci Roberts, SLNA Vice President